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Please take the time to look over our Frequently Asked Questions area. We are adding and updating it on a regular basis. The questions and answers are here to help assist you in the rental process and during your trip.

How many Miles are included with rental price?

100 free miles with gas engine, and 150 miles with diesel engine. Extra mileage cost between $0.35$ - $1.00 per mile depending on days rented and miles driven.

If I want to bring my dog, what do I need to do?

Deposit per owners approval.

What is a Sprinter?

It's a Mercedes chassis with a diesel engine that gets 16-21 miles per gallon. Used in a variety of sizes between 20-24' feet and comes in a B class version(camper van), a B+ or small C class with the cab over bunk and a variety of different floor plans.

Why do you charge by the day and not the night?

That way you get the full use of each day because you can pick up as early as 9 am on your pick up day and return the vehicle as late as 6 pm on the return day. Nightly rentals won't allow you to pick up before mid-afternoon and you must return before 11 am or they charge you up to $50 and hour if you are late.

Do you have minimum day rentals?

Yes. Starting May 15th until September 15th we have a 4 day minimum on C class and 5 day on A class.

Why do you charge a cleaning and preparation charge?

This will provide you as the renter the cleanest RV you have ever used and provides you with a professionally clean spotless RV. We have had issues with previous renters cleaning the RV and it has not been up to our high standards. The preparation charge includes testing all systems, doing a full safety check on the RV and includes up to an hour or more of orientation on how to use the RV. We can even take you for a test ride to get comfortable driving the vehicle before you leave on your own. We are also always available by phone to provide tech support and to answer any questions or issues while on a rental.

What happens if I have a breakdown on a rental?

First you call us for tech support to see if we can solve the issue by phone. In most cases this is all it takes as it is a button or fuse that needs to be pushed or reset. If that does not work we will send a roadside RV Tech to handle the problem while out on the rental.

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